Touchless Satin Bronze Kitchen Faucet: A Review by The Experts

Welcome to our‍ review of the KRAUS‌ Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial​ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet! We had the pleasure‍ of⁤ trying ​out this ⁤innovative faucet in ⁤Spot ​Free Antique Champagne Bronze, and ‌we are excited⁣ to share‍ our thoughts with ⁢you.

The KRAUS Bolden faucet ‍combines style and functionality, with a ​touchless sensor feature ‌that allows you to turn⁢ the water ⁣on and off with a simple⁤ wave of your hand. This hands-free operation is not only convenient but also helps reduce the spread of germs, making ​it perfect for​ busy kitchens.

With a ​high-arc spout and⁤ a dual-function ​sprayer, this ‍faucet offers‌ versatility and ease of use. The Reach technology allows ‌for easy⁤ maneuverability, while the built-in timer⁢ helps prevent water waste.⁤ The ‍durable ⁢construction and premium ⁣components⁢ ensure long-lasting ​performance.

Installation is a breeze with the included​ water lines and batteries, and ‍the spot-free ⁢finish makes maintenance ‍a breeze. Whether ‌you’re washing dishes or‍ preparing meals, the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial ‌Pull-Down Faucet is sure to make​ your kitchen experience more ⁢efficient and enjoyable. Stay tuned ⁢for ‍our in-depth review!

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This⁣ touchless sensor commercial kitchen ⁣faucet is a ⁣game-changer in the world of faucets.⁢ With‍ hands-free activation, ‌you can wave your hand to turn the water on and off, ⁤reducing germ transfer during messy tasks like handling raw foods. The built-in timer ‍automatically stops the ⁢flow⁤ of⁣ water after 3 minutes to ‌help prevent water waste.

The pull-down sprayhead with ‍Reach technology offers easy maneuverability and an extended range of motion, ‍allowing you to reach all⁣ around the kitchen sink. The faucet’s optimized height ‍and dual function sprayer make it perfect for residential use. Plus, the heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting ​performance. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this touchless sensor faucet by making it yours today.

Stunning⁣ Design and Finish

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The sleek ‌design and impeccable finish of the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Kitchen Faucet ‌in Spot Free Antique Champagne Bronze truly‌ sets it apart. ​The high-arc open coil ​spout adds a touch of industrial elegance⁣ to ‍any kitchen, while the compact height allows it to⁢ fit seamlessly under⁢ standard cabinets. The ‌spot-free finish not only resists ‍fingerprints and⁢ water spots but also prevents corrosion, ‌making it a ⁢breeze to ‌keep clean and‌ maintain its stunning appearance for years to come.

The hands-free sensor operation of ​this faucet is a game-changer, offering convenience and hygiene⁣ in one. With⁤ a simple wave ​of ‍your hand, you can easily turn the water on ‍and off, minimizing germ transfer during messy ⁢kitchen tasks. The pull-down sprayhead with Reach⁣ technology provides extended maneuverability, reaching all corners of the⁤ sink effortlessly. ⁢Plus, the built-in timer stops the water flow after 3 minutes, ‍helping to conserve water. Experience⁤ the perfect blend of ⁤style ⁣and functionality with the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Kitchen Faucet – ​it’s truly a must-have addition to any modern kitchen. Check it out on Amazon for more⁤ details!

Advanced Sensor Technology

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We recently upgraded our kitchen with the KRAUS ​Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, and it has completely transformed ‌our cooking and cleaning experience. The touchless operation is a game-changer,‌ allowing us to turn the water on and ⁢off with ⁢a simple wave of our hand, making messy tasks like preparing raw foods a breeze without spreading germs.‍ The pull-down sprayhead with⁣ Reach‌ technology​ provides⁣ easy maneuverability and an extended range ⁤of motion, allowing us ‌to clean and rinse⁣ dishes with ease.

The optimized height ⁤of‌ the‍ faucet fits ⁤perfectly‌ under ‍our kitchen cabinets,⁢ where other commercial-style⁣ faucets ​can’t. The dual function sprayer is perfect ​for everyday ⁣cleaning and heavy-duty rinsing,‍ while the heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting use. Installation was a breeze with the included durable water supply lines and batteries. ​With a ⁢spot-free finish in Antique⁣ Champagne Bronze, this faucet not only looks⁤ great but ⁣is also easy to clean. Upgrade your kitchen today with the KRAUS ‍Bolden Touchless Sensor ⁣Commercial Pull-Down Faucet and experience ‍the convenience and efficiency it brings to your⁣ everyday tasks. Check it out ​on Amazon for more details! Click here to buy now!

Effortless Functionality and ⁢Durability

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Our experience‍ with the KRAUS Bolden Touchless⁣ Sensor⁤ Kitchen Faucet has been nothing short of impressive. ‌The touchless‍ operation ⁢feature is a game-changer, allowing us ⁣to turn the water on and off⁢ with a simple wave of a hand. This functionality not only adds a futuristic touch to our​ kitchen but also helps reduce germ transfer during messy tasks. The sensor placement prevents accidental activations, while the‌ built-in timer stops the ⁣flow⁣ of water ⁣after 3 minutes, ⁢promoting water conservation.

The heavy-duty ⁤construction‍ and premium components ensure the durability of this faucet. The optimized ​height and dual function sprayer make everyday tasks easier, while the easy​ installation ‍process was a nice surprise. The hands-free sensor faucet design,​ combined with the spot-free finish in Antique Champagne Bronze, not only looks sleek ⁣but is also ​easy to maintain. If ​you’re looking ‌for a‍ functional and durable kitchen faucet that combines style with innovation, look ⁢no further than the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Kitchen Faucet. Upgrade your⁢ kitchen now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis:

After analyzing the customer ‍reviews for the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down ⁢Single Handle ‍Kitchen ‌Faucet in Spot Free ⁣Antique Champagne ⁤Bronze,‍ we have gathered some valuable ‍insights:

Positive Reviews Highlights:

Easy ​to install Quality metal product
Sturdy build quality Matte black finish looks great
Auto function works great Premium feel

Customers appreciated the easy installation process and the high-quality‌ metal‍ build ⁤of the faucet. The matte black finish was also highlighted for‍ its sleek⁣ appearance. The automatic function received praise for⁢ its convenience, and users noted that the faucet had a‌ premium feel to ⁣it.

Negative Reviews Insights:

Plastic spray ⁢head Plastic faucet ⁤part ⁣not covered under warranty

Some customers mentioned ​that the plastic spray head and faucet part were areas of concern. The plastic components⁢ were noted ​to be less ​durable, and there were complaints about the warranty coverage for these⁣ parts.

In conclusion, the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down Single ‍Handle Kitchen ⁣Faucet received praise for its⁤ quality construction, easy ⁣installation, and ‍sleek design. ‌While there‍ were some concerns about certain ⁢plastic components, overall, customers⁤ were satisfied ‌with the ⁢performance and ​appearance ‍of the faucet.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ⁣Cons


1. Touchless operation​ reduces germ transfer during messy tasks.
2. Commercial pull-down design​ creates a professional⁢ look.
3. Reach technology offers⁢ extended range of ⁣motion around the sink.
4. Built-in⁤ timer stops flow after‌ 3 minutes to prevent water waste.
5. Dual function sprayer for everyday⁢ cleaning and heavy-duty rinsing.
6. ⁢Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use.
7. Easy installation with included water lines, batteries, and hardware.
8. Hands-free sensor faucet with wave-on/ wave-off functionality.
9. ‌Spot-free ‌finish‍ in Antique Champagne Bronze resists corrosion.


1. Sensor might accidentally activate during regular kitchen tasks.
2.‌ Battery-operated design may require frequent‍ battery changes.
3. Limited color options⁢ available.
4. Sensor location on the‌ side ‍may not be ​ideal for all ⁤users.


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Q: How⁤ sensitive is the touchless ⁤sensor on the KRAUS‍ Bolden kitchen faucet?
A: The touchless sensor on ⁤the KRAUS Bolden kitchen faucet is quite‍ sensitive and reacts quickly to hand movements. It allows you to turn the water on and off with just a wave of your hand, making it⁤ convenient​ and sanitary⁤ for​ messy kitchen tasks.

Q:⁣ Can the sensor be ​accidentally activated ⁤while washing dishes?
A: The sensor on the ⁣KRAUS Bolden faucet is strategically‍ placed on the side to help prevent ‌accidental activation while washing dishes ⁤or performing other kitchen tasks. This thoughtful design ensures ​that⁣ the sensor only activates when ⁤intended, giving you peace of​ mind during daily ⁢use.

Q: ‌Is the installation process of ⁤the KRAUS Bolden faucet ‍complicated?
A: Not at all! The KRAUS Bolden faucet ‍comes with⁢ pre-attached water lines, mounting hardware, and 4x AA batteries, making installation a breeze. The ‌battery-operated design requires no hardwiring, and a coin-slot switch ⁣on the⁤ control box allows for optional mechanical operation in case of dead batteries.

Q: ‌How durable is the KRAUS Bolden faucet?
A: The KRAUS Bolden faucet is‌ built to last with heavy-duty construction, premium components, and ⁢a⁣ lifetime limited warranty. The faucet features ⁤a durable⁤ metal body, braided nylon water lines, and a ceramic cartridge tested over 500,000 cycles to ensure leak-free​ performance for years to come.

Q: Does‌ the spot-free finish on​ the KRAUS ‍Bolden⁣ faucet really work?
A: Yes, the spot-free finish in‌ Antique Champagne Bronze resists water spots and fingerprints, making it easy to keep clean and ⁢maintain‍ a beautiful appearance. ⁣This finish not only enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen but also helps​ prevent corrosion over time.

Reveal⁣ the ⁤Extraordinary

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As we conclude our review of the ‌KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Commercial Pull-Down ⁤Kitchen Faucet in Spot Free⁣ Antique​ Champagne ⁣Bronze,⁣ we are truly impressed by the innovative design and functionality of this sleek ‌and practical kitchen fixture. The hands-free sensor operation, dual function sprayer, ‍and durable construction​ all make this faucet a ⁤standout choice for‍ any‍ modern kitchen.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen with the convenience and style of the KRAUS Bolden Touchless Sensor Faucet, click here to check out the product​ now on Amazon: KRAUS ‍Bolden Touchless Sensor Faucet

Thank you for ‌reading our review, and happy shopping!

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