Review: Moen Monticello Roman Tub Faucet – Stylish & Convenient

Welcome to our review of the Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman Tub Spout Kit ‌in⁢ Brushed Nickel! We recently had‍ the opportunity ​to try out this stylish ​and innovative bathroom accessory, and we are excited to share our thoughts with you. Moen is known for their high-quality bathroom collections, and this Roman Tub Spout Kit is no exception. With its sleek brushed nickel finish and modern⁢ design, it adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. ⁣In this⁤ review, we will cover the features, installation process, and overall performance of the Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman ⁢Tub Spout Kit. So grab a seat⁤ and join us as we dive into our experience with this fantastic ⁤product.

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As we⁢ explored Moen’s wide range of stylish bathroom collections, ​we couldn’t help but be impressed by the sleek designs ‍and on-trend finishes. From⁢ single and double-handle bathroom sink ⁤faucets to Roman tub faucets, Moen truly​ offers a variety of options to suit any style‌ preference. The brushed nickel finish of the Monticello Roman​ Tub‍ Spout​ Kit⁣ adds a touch of sophistication with​ its lightly‌ brushed warm grey ​metallic look, seamlessly blending ⁢in ⁤with modern bathroom decor.

What sets Moen apart is ⁣not just ⁤their beautiful designs, but ​also their‍ attention to detail in providing coordinating bathroom accessories to complete ⁢the overall aesthetic. With decorative tank ⁣levers, towel bars, and more,⁣ Moen ensures that every aspect ‌of your bathroom matches seamlessly.​ If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with modern ​style and convenience, consider the Moen Monticello‍ Roman ‍Tub Spout Kit for a luxurious showering experience.

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Key Features ‌and Benefits

Enhance your bathroom with‌ the‌ luxurious Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman Tub​ Spout ​Kit in ‌Brushed Nickel. The brushed nickel‍ finish adds⁣ an elegant touch to your space, providing a‍ modern style that ⁤complements any decor. The 10-inch slip fit design ⁢allows for easy ​deck-mount installation, making it a ‌convenient choice for your bathtub upgrade.

  • Brushed nickel‍ finish for a stylish and sophisticated look
  • 10-inch slip fit design for easy installation
  • Coordinates with Moen’s bathroom collections for ‌a cohesive look
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use

Features Benefits
Brushed nickel finish Provides a modern and​ sleek appearance
10-inch slip fit design Easy deck-mount installation for ‌convenience
Coordinates with Moen’s collections Creates a cohesive and ‌stylish bathroom‍ look

Upgrade your bathtub with the Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman⁣ Tub Spout Kit today and experience the perfect ⁢blend of style⁢ and functionality. Click ‍here to purchase ⁢now!

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In-depth Analysis⁢ and Performance

When it comes to​ the Moen ⁣2197BN‌ Monticello‌ Roman Tub Spout Kit, Brushed Nickel, we were thoroughly impressed by its stylish ‍design and high-quality construction. ‍The brushed nickel finish adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom, providing​ a warm grey metallic look that complements⁤ a variety of decor styles. Its slip fit design makes for easy deck-mount installation, ensuring a seamless and professional look‍ in your bathroom.

Furthermore, Moen’s attention to detail and innovation shines through in ⁤this product. From the luxurious showerheads to the coordinating bathroom accessories, this Roman‌ Tub Spout ⁢Kit offers both style and functionality. Whether you prefer traditional or modern design, Moen has a bathroom collection to suit your⁤ taste.⁢ If you’re looking to‌ upgrade ​your ⁤bathroom with modern style ​and convenience,⁤ we highly ‍recommend checking‌ out the⁣ Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman ‍Tub ​Spout Kit, Brushed Nickel. Make sure to visit the product page on Amazon for more information!

Our Recommendations

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, ⁢look no further than the ⁢Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman Tub Spout Kit in Brushed Nickel. This sleek and stylish kit is the perfect addition to your bathroom decor, providing a modern touch with its on-trend finish. With Moen’s innovative ‍showering systems, you can enjoy luxurious showerheads, body sprays, ‍and ​shower faucets in a variety of‌ styles and configurations, all designed to enhance your bathing experience.

Complete your bathroom transformation with coordinating‍ accessories like decorative tank levers, towel bars, and robe hooks from Moen’s bath collections.‌ Whether your style is traditional or modern, Moen has a bathroom collection to suit your taste.⁢ The 10-inch slip fit design of the Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman Tub Spout Kit makes for easy deck-mount installation, ‍while the brushed nickel finish adds a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look to your space. Upgrade your bathroom with Moen and enjoy modern style‌ and convenience today.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

We’ve gathered some customer reviews to provide ‍you with a comprehensive overview of what others are saying about the Moen 2197BN Monticello Roman Tub Spout Kit, Brushed Nickel. Here’s‌ what customers had ⁣to say:

Review Summary
Review #1 Doesn’t come with the faucet⁤ tip as shown in ⁤the picture. Misleading and requires an additional $20 ‍purchase.
Review #2 Fits ⁣previous Monticello tub ⁢fixture but lacks long‍ and short roll pins as shown in the assembly diagram. ‍Customer returned it due to missing components.
Review #3 No ⁣stream straightener,​ adapter at the base, or plug included. Customers were disappointed as these⁤ were shown in the product image but are⁤ actually separate ‌parts.

Overall, customers have expressed concerns about missing components ​and discrepancies between the product ⁤and its listing. It’s important ​to carefully review all product ⁢details before making a ⁣purchase to avoid any surprises.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish design that adds a modern ​touch to any ⁢bathroom
  • Convenient slip ⁢fit design ⁣for easy deck-mount installation
  • Brushed ​nickel finish offers a warm metallic look
  • Coordinates with other Moen bathroom accessories for⁢ a cohesive look


While the Moen Monticello Roman Tub Faucet ⁤has many great features, it may⁢ not be the ‌best option for those looking for a more ‍traditional or ⁤vintage​ style in⁣ their ‍bathroom.


Q: Is‍ the⁤ Moen Monticello Roman Tub Faucet easy to⁢ install?
A: Yes, the ‍Moen ‍Monticello Roman Tub ​Faucet ⁢is designed⁢ for deck-mount installation⁣ and features‍ a 10-inch slip fit design, making it easy to install in your bathroom.

Q: ⁣Does ⁢the brushed nickel finish of the faucet‌ easily show‌ fingerprints or‍ water⁣ spots?
A: The brushed nickel finish of the Moen Monticello Roman Tub Faucet provides‍ a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look, which helps to hide fingerprints ‍and ‍water spots, keeping your bathroom looking​ sleek and stylish.

Q: Are there coordinating accessories available ​for the ⁤Moen ‍Monticello Roman Tub Faucet?
A: Yes, Moen offers a range of ⁢coordinating bathroom accessories, including towel bars, mirrors, robe ⁢hooks, and soap/lotion dispensers, to complete the ​style​ of ⁤your bathroom⁣ and complement your ⁢Monticello Roman Tub Faucet.

Q: Can the Moen Monticello Roman ‌Tub Faucet be used in ​bathrooms with ⁤different styles?
A:‍ Yes, Moen’s Monticello collection features a versatile design that can suit a range‌ of⁤ bathroom⁤ styles, from traditional ‍to modern, ensuring that your bathroom⁣ remains stylish and ‌cohesive no matter your decor preferences.

Q: Does the Moen Monticello Roman Tub Faucet come with a warranty?
A: Yes, Moen offers a limited lifetime warranty on their Monticello Roman Tub Faucet, giving ‍you peace of mind in the quality and ⁤durability of your ​new bathroom fixture.

Embrace a New Era

Thanks for reading our review⁢ of the Moen Monticello Roman Tub Spout ​Kit in Brushed Nickel. We hope you⁣ found our insights⁤ helpful in your decision-making process. With its stylish design and convenient features, this ⁣Moen product⁣ is a great choice for any bathroom renovation.

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom with this sleek and modern⁣ Roman‍ tub spout kit, click here to purchase it on Amazon: ‌ Get your⁢ Moen Monticello Roman Tub ‍Spout Kit now!

Thank you for trusting us for your product reviews, and​ stay tuned for more ‍recommendations⁤ from us in the future. Happy shopping!

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