Exquisite Calligraphy Brushes: Qi Ming Wen Fang’s QingSu Small & Large Set

Welcome to our ‌product review blog post, ⁣where we will​ be taking ​a closer look at ⁣the ⁢Qi Ming Wen ​Fang ​QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese Brush, Lang Jian Hao Xiao kai Chinese Calligraphy Brush. As avid lovers of calligraphy, we understand the significance of finding the perfect brush to bring our ​art to ‍life.‍ That’s why we were excited to try out this 2-piece ‍set,⁢ consisting of a small and large brush, ‌specifically ‌designed for Chinese⁣ Xiaokai or Kanji⁣ writing. With its weasel hair⁤ bristles and thoughtful design, we were eager to see how it ⁢would enhance our calligraphy practice. So ‍sit back⁢ and let us share our first-hand experience with this Qi Ming Wen⁢ Fang ‍brush set.

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Overview ​of the Qi Ming Wen Fang​ QingSu‍ Small ‌Regular Script ​Chinese ‍Brush, Lang ​Jian⁣ Hao ‌Xiao kai Chinese Calligraphy Brush

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Our Qi Ming ​Wen ⁣Fang QingSu⁣ Small Regular Script ‌Chinese Brush is a must-have for both‌ beginner and advanced ⁣calligraphers. This brush, named “Qing Su,” is crafted with professional Chinese brush making technology, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.

Made with 90% weasel‍ tail hair, 5% goat hair, and 5% hare hair, this brush offers the perfect balance of flexibility and control. We have tested and refined​ the hair ratio⁢ to provide you with an ⁢exceptional ‍writing experience.

The QingSu brush is specifically designed ‌for ​Small Regular Script, also known as Xiao Kai. The addition of ​red goat tail hair on the brush waist enhances ⁢the ink-holding capacity, allowing for smoother‍ and more precise strokes.

We ‍understand ​that shedding can be⁢ a concern with‍ new handmade⁣ brushes, but rest‌ assured that after a⁢ few uses, any floating⁤ hair will stop shedding. However, if⁢ you experience excessive hair loss, especially after⁣ repeated⁣ use, please ⁢contact us⁢ for a refund. We‍ offer a hassle-free 180-day⁢ refund policy and lifetime counseling for your peace of mind.

Don’t miss out ⁤on​ this opportunity to elevate your calligraphy skills. Click here to ​purchase ‍the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese Brush and unleash your creativity.

Highlighting the features and aspects of the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small Regular Script Chinese Brush

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In our review of the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small ‌Regular Script Chinese Brush, we want to highlight⁤ the⁣ features and aspects that make this ​brush a great choice for calligraphy enthusiasts.

Firstly, the brush⁣ is made with 90% weasel tail hair, 5% goat hair, and 5%⁣ hare hair, ⁤ensuring a high-quality writing experience. This ‍special ratio has been ​carefully ⁢tested by Qi Ming⁣ Wen Fang to guarantee optimal performance and strokes. The brush is suitable for⁢ Small Regular Script/Xiao Kai, and its red goat ⁣tail hair on⁣ the ⁤brush waist enhances its ink-absorbing capacity.

One of the standout qualities⁢ of this brush is ‍its professional craftsmanship.⁤ Qi Ming Wen Fang, with their expertise in Chinese brush making, has created a brush that truly reflects the art of‍ calligraphy. Whether you’re ⁢a‍ beginner or an advanced calligrapher, having the right brush is essential ‍in showcasing⁤ your‍ technique and strokes⁤ accurately.

If you’re in⁤ search of⁣ a reliable calligraphy brush, we ⁤highly⁢ recommend the⁤ Qi‍ Ming Wen Fang ⁤QingSu Small Regular Script ​Chinese Brush. Its exceptional‌ quality, suitable script compatibility, and‌ 180 days refund policy make this ⁢brush a must-have for ‌calligraphy⁢ enthusiasts.‍ Experience ⁢the art of calligraphy like never before with this ⁢brush.​ Click here⁣ to⁣ grab yours​ on Amazon!

In-depth insights into the performance and quality of the Lang Jian Hao Xiao ​kai Chinese Calligraphy ⁣Brush

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When⁢ it​ comes‍ to calligraphy, the right brush​ can make all the difference.‌ That’s why ‍we were thrilled to discover ⁣the Lang Jian Hao ⁤Xiao kai ‌Chinese Calligraphy Brush from Qi Ming Wen Fang. This brush is designed ‌to provide ⁤a professional writing experience and has been well-received ​by customers.

One of the standout features ⁢of this brush is its hair material. Made from 90% ⁢weasel tail​ hair,‌ 5% goat hair, and 5% ‌hare hair, this special ratio has​ been carefully tested to ensure‌ an exceptional writing‍ experience. The combination ⁤of these high-quality materials allows for precise strokes and excellent ink absorption. The brush’s red ​goat‍ tail⁣ hair on ​the brush⁢ waist further enhances its ability to ⁤hold ink, making ​it a perfect⁤ choice⁤ for Small Regular Script or Xiao Kai⁢ calligraphy.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Lang Jian ‍Hao Xiao kai ‌Chinese Calligraphy Brush⁤ also offers peace‌ of mind with its generous⁤ refund‌ policy. While​ it is normal ​for new handmade brushes to experience some hair ⁢shedding, the⁢ Qi Ming Wen Fang brush promises ‌that shedding ⁢should stop after a⁢ few uses. However, if you encounter excessive hair loss, you can reach⁤ out to​ the company for a refund. Qi‌ Ming ​Wen Fang​ stands‍ behind their ​product with a 180-day refund policy and lifetime counseling support.

If you’re a⁢ beginner or advanced calligrapher ‌looking to elevate your craft, we highly ‍recommend the‍ Lang Jian Hao Xiao kai Chinese Calligraphy Brush.‌ Its​ professional writing capabilities, high-quality materials, and customer​ satisfaction guarantee ‍make it⁣ a top choice for calligraphy enthusiasts. Don’t miss⁣ out on the opportunity to enhance ⁤your calligraphy practice. Order your brush today from​ Qi​ Ming Wen Fang. Shop Now

Specific recommendations⁤ for the Weasel hair ‌brush for Chinese Xiaokai or Kanji, Small and Large ⁣2pcs Set (QingSu S ⁢L 2/Pk)

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When ‌it comes to ⁣professional calligraphy writing, we highly recommend the Qi⁢ Ming Wen Fang QingSu​ Small and Large ⁣2pcs Set. This set ⁢includes two⁢ brushes, one⁤ small and⁣ one ⁤large, both made⁣ with⁣ 90% weasel tail’s hair. The‌ small brush is perfect for font sizes ranging from ​1.5-3cm, while​ the large ​brush is ideal for font sizes of 2-5cm. Designed specifically for small regular script ​or Xiaokai, these brushes are excellent for achieving precise brush strokes and intricate details.

What sets these brushes apart is ​the​ quality of the hair material. ⁤They are made with 90% ⁤weasel tail hair, which ensures ‌a smooth and controlled writing experience. The addition of 5% goat hair and 5% hare hair‌ further enhances the⁤ brush’s performance. The red goat tail hair⁢ on the brush waist ⁣also enhances the absorbing capacity, allowing for a perfect⁣ ink-holding capability.⁢ These brushes have been ⁣tested‍ and proven to provide a superior writing experience.

If you’re looking for a ​versatile and reliable calligraphy ⁣brush, the Qi Ming Wen Fang QingSu Small‌ and Large‍ 2pcs Set is the way to go. ⁤Its professional quality and suitability for​ small regular script make it a must-have for beginners ​and advanced calligraphers alike. Don’t miss out on ‌this⁣ amazing‍ brush set!

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Our customers ⁤have ⁣shared their thoughts and experiences using the Qi Ming Wen Fang​ QingSu ‍Small Regular Script Chinese Brush, Lang Jian Hao Xiao kai‌ Chinese Calligraphy Brush. Here are​ some insights from ⁣their​ reviews:

  1. Reviewer: anonymous

    Rating: Good

    Review: i used the product, it is good.

  2. Reviewer: anonymous

    Rating: Good quality but too soft

    Review: Good quality but too soft.

  3. Reviewer:⁤ anonymous

    Rating:‍ The best brush by a ⁢large‌ margin

    Review: As ⁣a beginner in Chinese ​calligraphy, ⁣I have tried several brushes, but none of them wrote as well ⁢as the​ Qiming Wenfang’s ‍QingYue brush. It writes perfectly for all three​ calligraphy styles ​I ⁢practice: Kai,⁢ cursive,⁤ and symbolic. The brush has a great balance between stiffness and ‌flexibility, making it ideal for working on strokes. Even after writing⁤ around 1500 characters, it is still performing exceptionally well. I highly ‌recommend it.

  4. Reviewer: beginner_calligraphy

    Rating: Recommended‍ cleaning routine

    Review:⁢ After⁤ using the brush, I‌ highly‌ recommend ‍cleaning it thoroughly to ⁣maintain its quality. I believe it is made of high-grade goat hair, so ‍removing as much​ ink residue as possible⁢ is essential.⁤ I personally clean it by stirring⁣ the⁣ brush in bowls of water until the water looks clear, then drying⁣ it with a paper towel while giving it a few moderate squeezes. ⁤I repeat this process ⁣once more, ⁢and finally, I give ​it​ a good spin to loosen the hair⁤ before hanging it‍ to dry. ‍Additionally, cleaning it ‍with a tiny​ bit of shampoo bi-weekly helps to keep it in excellent condition.

  5. Reviewer: anonymous

    Rating: Perfect⁣ for Sumi-e art

    Review: Like ⁢them,‌ the brushes are ​exactly what I expected, and they are⁢ perfect for⁢ my Sumi-e⁣ art.

  6. Reviewer: brush_control

    Rating: Fine brush for brush control ⁤practice

    Review: After writing on 50 sheets‍ of paper, the brush performs well for ⁢a beginner ​like ⁢me⁣ who ‍is practicing brush control, applying light and heavy pressure, and creating straight and curved lines. The ink‍ retention is satisfactory for my⁢ needs. I will​ update my experience ⁣after using it on a ‌larger scale.

  7. Reviewer: calligraphy_lover

    Rating: Very good construction quality

    Review: The ​brushes⁤ were shipped ‌nicely packaged and ⁢carefully protected. Their construction quality impresses me,‌ and ‍the user manual provides detailed and ‍informative instructions on how to ‌properly⁣ use and maintain them. ⁣Following ‍the instructions closely, I have been consistently pleased with ‌the performance of these brushes for my calligraphy applications. There‌ are no issues with bristle shedding, ⁣which is commonly found ⁤in cheaper Chinese painting brushes. Overall, ‌it’s an​ excellent purchase, and⁢ I plan to⁤ try other ⁢sizes ‌from this brand.

  8. Reviewer: ‍art_enthusiast

    Rating: Good weight ​and ink absorption

    Review: The brushes have a⁤ good weight to them, and the ink ⁢absorption‍ is⁤ satisfactory. Considering the price for a set of three, ⁤it’s a good ⁢value. I have tested the ⁤large and medium‍ brushes for only two days, and they haven’t had any shedding problems ​so ⁤far. It’s‌ worth noting that any brush can split ⁤if used inappropriately, ​so proper technique is important.

  9. Reviewer: anonymous

    Rating: Perform well ​and will order ‌again

    Review: ‌Upon receiving the ⁣set, ​I tested each brush by painting the same examples from the⁣ “Simple and Clear Bamboo Painting Manual.” All three brushes⁤ performed‌ admirably.⁣ I also used the medium-sized brush to paint⁢ simple orchid leaves and flowers, and it was easy to control the ink quality. The​ medium brush ‍is the perfect ⁤size for ⁣standard-sized practice paper. I would definitely order ⁤these brushes again, and I am eager to try ⁤the ‌QingQuan set in the future.

  10. Reviewer: ink_master

    Rating: Comes⁢ to a sharp point and holds a lot of liquid

    Review: This brush​ impresses me with its sharp⁢ point and excellent ink retention. It⁢ holds a lot of liquid, allowing for smooth ⁤and ​precise⁢ strokes. It was carefully packaged‍ and nicely presented in⁣ a cardboard​ tube box. Overall, I‍ really like it.

  11. Reviewer:‌ 瘦金體_practice

    Rating: Perfect for 瘦金體 calligraphy style

    Review: This brush is‍ perfect for practicing 瘦金體 calligraphy ⁤style. It⁤ has the⁤ necessary strength and retains just the ‌right ‍amount of ink. I⁢ highly recommend it.

  12. Reviewer: anonymous

    Rating: Very good

    Review: Very good.

From ⁣the customer reviews, it is evident that the‌ Qi ⁢Ming Wen Fang ‍QingSu⁤ Small‍ Regular Script‌ Chinese Brush, ‍Lang Jian Hao Xiao kai Chinese Calligraphy Brush is highly regarded by various​ users. The brush’s​ quality, performance,‍ and ⁣construction have⁣ received⁣ praise from‍ beginners ⁤and experienced calligraphers. Its balance of stiffness and ‌flexibility make it ​suitable ​for​ multiple calligraphy‍ styles, while its‌ ink retention and brush control‌ capabilities have been commended. Proper cleaning and maintenance are important to‌ prolong the brush’s lifespan and ensure consistent performance.

Overall, this brush set seems to be a good investment for both beginners and professionals, offering great value for the price. ⁢Its exquisite design and ‍the convenience of having both small and large brushes ⁣in a set make ‌it appealing to calligraphy enthusiasts.‌ If ⁣you’re looking to enhance your calligraphy ‍skills or explore different⁣ brush techniques, the Qi Ming Wen Fang ⁢QingSu Small​ & Large ​Set is definitely⁣ worth considering.

Pros & ⁢Cons

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  1. Professional ⁢Writing Brush: The Qi Ming Wen Fang ⁢QingSu Calligraphy Brush is perfect for both beginner and advanced calligraphers. The brush is designed to reflect⁣ calligraphy techniques and ‌strokes accurately.
  2. 100% Real Stuff: The brush is made with 90% weasel tail hair,‌ 5% ⁤goat hair, and 5% hare​ hair. This unique combination has been ‍tested ‌by Qi Ming Wen Fang​ to ensure a superior writing experience.
  3. Suitable Script: The ⁣brush is specifically designed ⁤for ‍Small Regular⁤ Script /‌ Xiao Kai. The addition of red goat tail hair on the brush waist enhances its ink absorption capacity, making it perfect​ for holding​ ink.
  4. 180 Days⁢ Refund: ⁢ While some shedding may occur ⁣initially, after a few uses, ‍the⁣ shedding should stop. However, if you experience excessive hair loss, ‍especially after using‍ the brush more than⁤ ten times, you ⁣can email us for‌ a refund. Qi Ming Wen Fang offers a‌ generous 180-day⁤ free refund policy and lifetime counseling.


  1. Floating hair falling off: It​ is normal for new handmade brushes to experience some ‌floating hair⁣ falling off. However, ⁣if excessive hair loss occurs, it may be a quality‌ issue. Qi Ming Wen Fang provides a refund policy to address such concerns.
  2. Size ‍limitation: The brush is ideal for font⁣ sizes ranging​ from 1.5cm to 5cm. It is not recommended ‍for writing larger characters.


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Q: What is the hair material of ‍the Qi Ming Wen Fang⁤ QingSu Small and ⁣Large Calligraphy‍ Brushes?

A: The hair material⁣ of these brushes⁣ is 90% weasel tail hair, 5%⁤ goat hair, and 5% ‍hare hair.

Q: What is the suitable font​ size for the QingSu Small and Large Calligraphy Brushes?

A: The QingSu Small‍ brush ⁤is suitable for font sizes ⁢ranging from 1.5 ⁢to 3cm, while the⁢ QingSu Large brush is suitable for font sizes ranging from⁤ 2 ‍to 5cm.

Q: What style of calligraphy are these brushes suitable for?

A: ⁤The brushes ⁣are⁤ suitable⁣ for Small⁣ Regular Script, also known as Xiao Kai, in Chinese‌ calligraphy.

Q: What is the ​shaft material ⁢of these ⁢brushes?

A: The brushes have a shaft made of mottle bamboo.

Q: Are these brushes suitable​ for​ other calligraphy​ styles?

A: ⁣Yes, in addition to Small Regular Script,⁤ these brushes can‍ also be used for Xiaokai, Ling Fei Jing, jí àn ⁤Zhuan, Cun Kai, and Zhong Kai calligraphy styles.

Q: Are there more professional calligraphy brushes available from Qi Ming Wen Fang?

A: Yes,‍ Qi ⁣Ming Wen Fang‌ offers a wide range of professional Chinese calligraphy brushes. For ​more details or ⁢a catalog, please ‌contact them directly.

Q:⁤ How do I‍ choose the right calligraphy ‍brush?

A: You can choose the brush based on size and material. Different brushes are suitable for ‌different font sizes and calligraphy styles. Qi Ming Wen‍ Fang provides recommendations based on this⁤ criteria.

Q: Is the‍ hair material of these brushes‌ 100% genuine?

A: Yes, ⁤the hair material⁢ is 90%⁣ weasel⁣ tail hair,​ 5% goat‌ hair, and 5% hare hair. This special ratio ⁤has been tested by Qi Ming Wen Fang to⁣ ensure a superior writing experience.

Q: Can these‍ brushes handle different ink absorbency rates?

A: Yes,⁣ the⁣ red ‍goat tail⁢ hair on the brush waist enhances ⁤its absorbing capacity, making it perfect for holding ink.

Q: What is the refund policy for these brushes?

A: Floating hair falling off ⁣is normal for new handmade brushes.‍ After a few uses, shedding should ⁣stop. However, if you experience hair loss, especially in large ⁢quantities, you⁤ can ⁤email Qi Ming Wen Fang for a refund.‌ They promise 180 days ​of free refund and lifetime counseling.

Q: Are there any guarantees offered by Qi Ming Wen ⁤Fang?

A: Yes, Qi Ming ​Wen ‌Fang⁤ offers ⁤a 180-day ‌unconditional refund policy for brushes with ​significant hair loss. Additionally, they provide lifetime ​counseling⁣ to ensure customer satisfaction.⁢

Embody Excellence

In conclusion, the Qi Ming‍ Wen Fang QingSu Small & Large Set ⁤of calligraphy brushes is a truly ⁢exquisite‍ choice for any calligrapher, from beginners‍ to advanced artists. With their‍ 100% real​ weasel tail hair⁢ composition, these brushes ‌offer a superior writing experience that reflects the⁣ precision and technique ​of Chinese calligraphy.

Suitable⁢ for‍ Small Regular Script / Xiao Kai, these brushes feature red ​goat tail hair​ on the brush‌ waist, enhancing their ink absorption capabilities. Whether you’re working on slender gold, seal writing, Chinese painting, or intricate ⁢scripts like Xiaokai or Ling Fei ​Jing, these brushes are the perfect tool to bring your artistic vision⁤ to life.

At Qi Ming⁣ Wen Fang, we stand behind the⁢ quality of⁣ our products. We understand that some‌ initial ⁣shedding​ may occur with our handmade‌ brushes, but if you experience excessive hair loss after⁤ multiple uses, please‌ reach out to us. We⁤ offer a generous 180-day refund policy and lifetime counseling to ensure your satisfaction.

Visit our ⁢Amazon page to explore our full⁣ range of professional Chinese⁢ calligraphy brushes and discover the artistry ​that Qi Ming Wen Fang offers. Take⁤ your⁢ calligraphy skills to‌ new heights with our⁤ QingSu Small &⁣ Large Set: ⁤ Click here to shop now.

Unleash your creativity ‌and elevate your ​calligraphy with our⁤ Qi Ming Wen Fang brushes today!

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